Tips and Gear For Your Kegerator


tips and gear for your kegerator.  a collection of tips, how-tos, reviews and gear to help you put together a kegerator to serve your homebrew.

how to’s and tips:

云南快乐十分kegs, kegging systems and keg repair parts:

云南快乐十分faucets, tap handles and drip trays:

  •  @  and  – forward sealing (will not stick and more resistant to contamination) and stainless steel
  •  @  and  – forward sealing, stainless steel and flow control.  Flow control allows you to vary resistance making it easier to serve higher carbonation beers with less beer line.
  •  – high quality forward sealing faucets & unique accessories
  •  – No moving parts touch beer
  •  – code HBF2017Q1 gets you 10% off
  •  – Keeps long handles from touching your wall or refrigerator
  •  – Go between tail piece piece and shank
  •  | 
  • Faucet Locks for Perlick Faucets
  •  – fits many faucet designs

co2 regulators, manifolds and gear:

  •  at William’s Brewing
  •  – Your choice of # of connections and connection type
  • CO2 Quick Disconnects with Inline Shutoff Valves – for gas and beer
  • Hands On: MoreBeer’s Expandable CO2 Manifold System
  •  – maintain two separate pressures, allows you to carb more quickly at higher pressure or serve higher or lower carbonation beers while maintaining a consistent “house” pressure for most of your kegs
  •  – from William’s Brewing.  Economic, inline secondary regulator. Use in conjunction with a Primary Regulator.   Set the primary to the highest pressure you will use (without exceeding specifications of any component of your system) and then use these regulators inline (one per line) to fine tune pressure and carbonation
  •  at Keg Connection – versatile mini regulator with multiple connection options

temperature control:

gas and co2 tubing, fittings, qds and clamps:

growlers, filling growlers and portable serving:

  • Portable Draft Serving Options
  •  – or –  – Fits on 1L and 2L size PET Soda Bottles for carbonating and pressurizing for easy transport
  • Growlers: ,  also in  and , 
  • Growler Fillers – allow you to easily attach tubing to your growler.  Use a length of tubing to ensure that you’re filling from the bottom up –  |  | 



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