12 x 500 ml United Scientific Wide Mouth Polypropylene Bottle -Yeast Rehydration, Sample Collection and More

12 x 500 ml polypropylene (pp) wide mouth bottles by united scientific supplies

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云南快乐十分available in polypropylene (pp) as well as high density polyethylene (hdpe). the pp bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity. these bottles can be autoclaved. the hdpe bottles are not rigid yet have excellent strength.


Possible homebrew uses include: Refractometer and pH sample collection, yeast rehydration, yeast washing and slurry storage. Also an easy vessel for making and storing sanitized water.  I use similar containers to collect samples and to aid with yeast rehydration.  Check out Tip 1 on our Tips Page云南快乐十分 for more info on my process for yeast rehydration.

– note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Compare: 云南快乐十分New offerings are regularly added – Search Amazon – Some things to look for – proper temp ratings, use of food safe materials and microwaveable.

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make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  always read and follow manufacturer directions.

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