Bulk Keg Orings and Keg Repair Part Numbers

you can save a bunch by buying homebrew keg o-rings in bulk.  here are some part numbers, background and tips on keg gaskets along with some part numbers and sources for additional keg repair parts.

Silicone vs Buna-N

云南快乐十分silicone is softer than buna-n.  silicone also remains softer at cool temperatures.  because of this, silicone is supposed to provide a better seal.

云南快乐十分i use use buna-n on my liquid posts because they are cheaper and i figure a leak is going to be very evident – beer is… visible.  i use silicone on my gas posts because they seal better.  you cannot see leaking co2, so i want these to seal as well as possible.  this also color codes posts for easy identification.  black o-rings are liquid and orange o-rings are gas.

A Note on Gas O-rings I am quick to replace gas o-rings.  This leak is difficult to test for.  I lost an entire CO2 tank because of a bad gas o-ring.  In bulk, these are cheap, replace them liberally.

Keg Dip Tube O-rings

  • Buna-N: 
  • Silicone: 

Keg Post O-Rings

  • Buna-N: 
  • Silicone:  –  silicone probably work better for pin locks, see explanation below

Keg Lid O-Rings

  • Buna-N: 
  • Silicone: 
  • Silicone: 
  • Soft Silicone: 

O-Ring Sets

  • New offerings regularly become available… to see what’s out there.

Leaky Lid-Orings

云南快乐十分william’s brewing  is slightly over-sized and made from a softer rubber.  it’s designed to help you achieve an airtight seal for leaky ball and pin lock keg lids.

Internal Ball Lock Quick Disconnect O-Rings


Dash 013 o-rings are not OEM internal ball lock QD gaskets, but in my experience they have fit in all the QDs that I’ve tried.  Your experience may vary.  Check out my post on the subject including some photos – See: CMBecker Ball Lock QDs + Replacement O-Rings

云南快乐十分if you’re looking for cm becker oem replacement parts, check out keg connection.  they have a nice diagram that shows all the parts and pieces – (gaskets, spring, stem and caps) for both ball lock and pin lock qds.  see: at keg connection

Pin and Ball Lock

I only use ball lock kegs, but it’s my general understanding that pin locks and ball locks use the same o-rings.  On the post o-rings, what I’ve heard is that the silicone seem to be the best choice because OEM pin lock post o-rings are slightly large than dash 111, but smaller than the next size up.  The flexibility of silicone makes them work better than the Buna-N version on pin lock kegs.  I have heard back and forth on this issue, so you’re experience may vary.  Related: What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs

Universal Poppet O-Rings

Size Dash 008 fit all styles of Universal Poppet that I have tested.  Since universal poppets can vary slightly between manufacturers, I cannot guarantee they will work with your poppet.

  • Buna-N: 008
  • Silicone: 

A note about food safety云南快乐十分 Most of the o-ring part numbers that are linked to in this post are not specifically marketed for food use or as food safe.  That’s true of many of the o-ring offerings I see across a range of sources.  I have an offering pulled up as I write this that offers 5 o-rings (1 lid, 2 post and 2 dip tube) for ball lock kegs.  They appear to be Buna-N but the description says nothing about what material they are made of or if they meet food safety certifications.  You may feel better about purchasing a gasket from a homebrew shop and feel like it’s “food safe” because it’s being marketed as a for use in a keg, when, in fact, it may be identical to the parts listed here.  Also, How much contact do these have with your beer?  For lid o-ring – yes.  I think that is exposed on the inside of the tank.  So, if you splash beer up on that, there will be contact.  The internal ball lock o-ring probably makes contact as well.  As for me… I have every o-ring listed above and I use them on my kegs and ball lock QDs.  All of this to say… if you’re concerned about using gaskets that are specifically marked as food safe you should keep looking.

Other Keg and Kegerator Rebuild & Replacement Parts

Other Gasket Options

Quad-Seal Gaskets云南快乐十分: These are OEM-style dip tube O-rings that seal more easily than standard options – gets you a complete set of pin or ball lock o-rings including quad seal dip tube

Keg Repair Parts

  • – I use universal-type poppets exclusively when rebuilding kegs.  New offerings regularly become available – – to compare offerings.  Tip: In my experience, universal poppets fit the vast majority of kegs without issue.  I have had a couple kegs that ended up being a bit too tight with these.  It’s an easy fix.  Use a pair of wire cutters or  to trim the universal poppet.  I suggest taking off about half of a coil and testing.  You want the QD to slide on easily and for it to reliably hold pressure when the QD is off.  Taking off a half of a coil and testing helps you make sure you don’t end up making the poppet too loose.
  • Keg Lid Feet – Bad or missing keg lid feet can cause keg lids to seal improperly – – – to compare additional offerings
  • – from William’s Brewing. includes an interior hang tab for hanging dry hop bags.  If you you need to replace keg lids – might as well get a hang tab
  • via AIH – also – check compatibility with your keg
  • (includes PRV) – ball lock style lid – also
  • TIp: If you’re replacing lids on pin lock kegs, I suggest using ball lock style lids.  Those generally include manual PRV valves that making venting your keg a whole lot easier.  Standard ball lock style keg lids fit on standard pin lock kegs.
  •  – check compatibility with your keg
  •  – via Adventures in Homebrewing
  • CM Becker Brand Pin and Ball Lock Quick Disconnect Repair Parts – via Keg Conneciton
  •  – Straight – for Firestone and Cornelius
  • Pin Lock Kegs require a special socket to remove the post {See: What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs].  Those can be relatively pricey.  is the best everyday value I’m aware of for one of those sockets.
  • Keg parts pages – finding compatible parts for PRV valves and post bodies can be tricky.  Here are parts landing pages for some of the homebrew shops I recommend – , , , – huge selection of homebrew and commercial keg parts, ,
  • Racetrack style kegs – standard kegs, both pin lock and ball lock are… standard.  Some parts on those are interchangeable – dip tubes, o-rings, universal poppets.  The big outlier are… racetrack style ball locks.  These perform the exact same function but some of the parts are not what I would call standard – the lids are more oval and the dip tubes and other parts are different.  As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing is the place to get hard to find racetrack keg parts.  These used to be very hard to find.  AIH has scooped up a lot of what was left and had other parts manufactured.  –

Faucet Repair Parts and Resources

  • and
  • MoreBeer’s

Odds and Ends

  • Kegland Flow Control Ball Lock Liquid QDs – at & – These ball lock QDs are made from stainless steel.  Beyond that they also have a unique feature that allows you to change the resistance that the QD is exerting on your beer.  That means you can dial in flow right at the QD.  That allows you to make modifications for lower or higher carbonation levels without changing tubing lengths.
  • – via William’s Brewing – these posts work with both gas AND liquid QDs.  Make sure your keg threads are compatible
  •  – Replaces ball lock or pin lock posts on compatible kegs.  Allow you to connect 1/4″ MFL or MPT fittings directly to a keg without using a QD.
  • Gas QD with Integrated Check Valve – Prevents Beer Back-Feeding – –  – keep beer from flowing the wrong way
  • Inline Check Valves – ,
  • – allows you to control pressure on line by line basis – ReviewDial in w/SpundingUse for portable serving!
  • Threaded Ball Lock Posts – these NPT threaded ball lock posts allow you to add a ball lock post pretty much anywhere you want to – ,
  • Low Profile (5/8″ Shorter) – – –  – these are great if you’re having clearance problems.
  •  – These help you easily vent pin lock kegs – since pin lock style lids don’t have a PRV

Stainless Steel Ball Lock Quick Disconnects

  • Adventures in Homebrewing offers a number of SS QD models –

Also: Kegerator Tips & Gear | Keg Repair Part #s | Recent Keg Finds

Our Top Draft Resources


mcmaster carr is also a good source for bulk o-rings.  mcmaster does charge an additional shipping fee.  their website does not show that.  it’s added on after you place your order.  to get exact shipping charges you need to call or email mcmaster for a quote.

McMaster Carr Part Numbers
  • Dip Tube O-rings Buna-N – 
  • Dip Tube O-rings Quad Sealing Buna-N – 
  • Post O-rings Buna-N- 
  • Post O-rings Silicone – 
  • Lid O-rings Buna-N – 
  • Lid O-rings Silicone – 
  • Internal Quick Disconnect O-rings Silicone – 


make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  always read and follow manufacturer directions.

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10 thoughts on “Bulk Keg Orings and Keg Repair Part Numbers

  1. John

    云南快乐十分is there a general length to go by for the poppet springs? not sure how much pressure needs to be on the poppet to seal right. don’t want to break anything.

    1. admin Post author

      no, not really. if the qd is hard (sometimes impossible) to get on, i trim 1/2 coil off at a time until it goes on with reasonable/regulator pressure and effort.

  2. Scott

    read that 013 7/16″ id, 9/16″ od, 1/16″ width are universal popit o-rings. i have a set on order, will let you know:

    云南快乐十分008 fit mine a bit loose. as these are not exactly a standard, may be hard to know which is right.

    anyone find the thin gasket for the top of a ball lock quick disconnect? they will need to be very thin width-wise.

    1. admin Post author

      I think those will be too big. They get larger and the dash numbers increase, so 013 is larger than 008. 008 fit all of my universal poppets – see this post. 013 work for internal ball lock QD o-rings. Having said that… I’d love to hear how they work for you.

  3. Jonathan

    Silicone: 417 O-Ring, Silicone, 70A Durometer, 3-1/2″ ID, 4″ OD, 1/4″ Width, Red (Pack of 5)

    has been unavailable on amazon for like 1-2 years from what i’ve seen. might be worth removing or updating link.

  4. _Dan_

    this is the o-ring for most replacement keg prvs.

    007 silicone o-ring, 70a durometer, red, 5/32″ id, 9/32″ od, 1/16″ width

  5. rockethacker

    best thing i ever did was buy two colors of post o-rings from mcmaster. black for beer. green for gas. now i never get them mixed up when making connections inside of my dimly-lit kegerator.


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